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June 28, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes)
"h-hey L-Lukas?" Emil asked "hmm, yes what is it?" "can you show me what 'sex' is? matthas told me that you would
show me." Emil said "that dane!" Lukas hissed "d-don't worry about him." Emil mentally slapped himself for studttering.
"you have to show me what 'sex' is."

"are you sure you want that?" Lukas asked "yes." Emil said. "alright but it's your first time so it's going to hurt at first."
"why?" "you'll find out later~." Lukas said but something in his voice sounded different. was that... lust?

Emil didn't have time to think before Lukas roughly kissed him. it took Emil by suprize at first but then he kissed back.
moments later it became a full-out makeout session but sadly they had to pull away for dreded air.

Lukas pushed Emil onto the bed and straddled him. then he licked his lips "you're going to love this." Lukas lustfully said
undoing Emil's shirt. when it was completely undone and off he licked Emil's left rosy pert nipple

Emil let out a light wimper. Lukas smirked and sucked on the nipple grazing his teeth on it. "ah~ Lukas~" Emil moaned
Lukas let go of the nipple and cawled down to Emil's pants and unbuttons the button and unzips them with his
teeth then takes them off along with his boxers.

"n-no fair, Lukas i'm naked and your still fully dressed." Emil whined and cutely purses his lips. "calm down and wait."
"fine..." Emil caved. Lukas bent down and sucked on Emil's member. "AHHHH~!" Emil moaned

Lukas stopped not wanting Emil to climax yet. Emil pouted "why'd you stop?""i don't want you to climax just yet.""oh..."
Lukas took off his clothes and tossed them to an unknown part of the room. Emil rolled his eyes "oh, so now you take them

"i wanted to tease you." Lukas said "you tease." Emil pouted "what? i know you like it." "just shut up and do me already."
Emil was starting to get pissed. "fine~ but it's going to hurt." he said in a lusty sing-song voice.

"come on i'm groing impatiant." Emil getting annoyed. Lukas psistions himself and waited for some type of
signal to say he's ready. Emil nodded and Lukas thrusted in. Emil moaned in pain. Lukas stroked
Emil's hair to comfort him.

"i'm sorry, i'm so sorry i shouldn't have done it.." Lukas apoligized trying to make Emil
fell better. " no it's okay i can handle it just stay a little longer.""alright if you say so." Emil nodded again saying that
he has adjusted to Lukas' size.

Lukas thrusted in slowly at first. "hnnngggg...go faster lukas~" Lukas obligued thrusting a little faster.
"AH~! go as fast as you want i'm fine now." Lukas nodded going faster
"nnggg~ it feels so good~" Emil moaned out.

"ahhnn~! Lukas harder~! fuck me harder~!" Emil moaned "nnn~! Emil you're so tight~!" Lukas said through pants while
slamming into Emil's ass, then he hit Emil's sweet spot "AH~! LUKAS THERE~!" Lukas nodded thrusting into that same
spot over and over. "I-I'm c-close" Lukas panted "I-I am t-too.""then l-let's climax together..."

"a-ah..i'm really close now, Lukas...""I-I am a-as w-well, Emil" Lukas kept thrusting until they both climaxed "AHN~! LUKAS~!""EMIL~!"
Lukas pulled out and collapsed next to Emil. "I love you, Lukas" "I love you, too little brother" Emil chukled. "Oh no you don't.
i'm not calling you that."

"'re no fun, Emil" Lukas pouted. Emil kissed his cheek "but i'll still love you more than a brother."
"you missed." Lukas stated "what?" Emil asked "you. missed." Lukas kissed him on the lips. to Lukas' suprize Emil kissed back.
"oh NOW i get it" Emil smiled
tell me again why i wrote this? XD

Iceland & Norway (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
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